Root Canal Treatment in Victoria, TX

A root canal becomes necessary when the tissue, or pulp, inside your tooth becomes infected. There are several factors that may cause an infection within your tooth such as a deep cavity, crack or broken tooth. In the past, extraction has been the only option for a diseased tooth, but with a root canal, our Victoria dentist will save as much of your original tooth as possible. Dr. Lisa Heinrich-Null provides comprehensive dental care for the entire family, and offers root canal services for adults and pulpotomies for children to improve and maintain our patients’ best oral health.

Pulpotomies for Children

A Pulpotomy helps to keep a primary tooth in place for proper oral development. Because primary teeth play an important role in chewing, speaking and holding a place for adult teeth, Dr. Heinrich-Null takes a conservative approach to save as much original tooth as possible.

When the inner pulp chamber becomes infected, a pulpotomy will remove the diseased portion and the remaining tooth is protected with a filling or crown. Dr. Heinrich-Null offers NuSmile© pediatric crowns which look more natural and last longer than traditional crown or cap options. These crowns have a tooth-colored front so that no one can detect it from surrounding teeth, and keeps primary teeth in your child’s mouth which is important for speech and secondary teeth patterns.

Adult Root Canals

Adult root canals are a conservative dental approach to tooth repair and healthy dentition. Root canals can save your tooth, make your smile look better, and relieve dental pain. Saving your natural tooth by undergoing a root canal has several benefits such as better chewing, normal biting force, a natural look, and prevents the infection from progressing down into the roots and jaw bone.

During the treatment, the infected tooth pulp is removed and the remaining healthy portion is medicated, sealed and protected by a filling or crown. Protecting the integrity of the diseased tooth brings continued benefits to a healthy bite, a beautiful smile and prevents extraction.

To maximize comfort during root canal treatment in Victoria, TX, Dr. Heinrich-Null offers several sedation options, such as an oral prescription or nitrous oxide, to help you relax during the procedure.

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If you are experiencing continued tooth pain, notice an abscess or pus along the gum, our root canal therapy in Victoria will help save your tooth in the least intrusive manner possible with optimum long-term results.