Restorative Care

Restorative Dentistry in Victoria, TX from Lisa Heinrich-Null, DDS 

Optimal oral health contributes to the beauty and function of a smile. Patients experiencing issues such as decay or missing teeth can greatly benefit from replacements and restorations. These prosthetics protect existing dental structures and preserve the aesthetics of your smile well into the future.

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Keeping Smiles Healthy in Victoria

Issues like missing teeth, decay, and damage not only affect the smile’s performance but it also its aesthetic appeal. Maintaining oral health of the smile may sometimes require dental intervention to bolster areas that have been under greater distress than others.

No dental issue is an isolated event. As problems such as decay develop, they put the rest of your health at risk. It’s best to receive dental care at the first sign of any issues to prevent them from worsening. Services we provide at our restorative dental practice in Victoria include:

Crowns restore the structure of an individual tooth while preserving the root. Porcelain caps are essential in keeping the smile looking and performing optimally.

Bridges fill gaps in the smile and replace one or two missing teeth. This procedure involves utilizing adjacent healthy teeth as anchors to stabilize the prosthetic in place.

Full and partial dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth using a combination of acrylic and porcelain to imitate the look of natural teeth and gums.

Dental implants stabilize prosthetics and provide support for the jawbone to prevent issues like accelerated resorption and teeth shifting.

Working with a local specialist, we’re able to eliminate issues like decay on teeth and help you achieve a better, healthier smile. Our restorations are crafted at a local lab by a highly trained technician well-versed in producing esthetically beautiful prosthetics.

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Your smile’s health is important to both sustaining performance and maintaining beauty. To keep your teeth in top shape, call Dr. Lisa Heinrich-Null and schedule an appointment. We will help you find a treatment plan at our Victoria dental office that’s personalized to fit your needs and bring out the best in your smile.