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Cosmetic Dentistry in Victoria by Lisa Heinrich-Null, DDS

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Your smile is a major source of affirmation and confidence. Dr. Lisa Heinrich-Null offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures to address imperfections and enhance your smile’s esthetic. Our services cater to those living in Victoria, Raisin, Bloomington, Inez, and other cities across Victoria County.

Reliable Care, Enhanced Beauty

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the beauty of smiles. We address dental issues, such as decay, chips or cracks, discoloration, and missing teeth, to ensure patients receive comprehensive care and long-lasting improvements. 

Services offered at our practice include:

Veneers and Prep-Less Lumineers® allow Dr. Heinrich-Null to completely refashion a patient’s entire smile. Cosmetic Dentistry at Lisa Heinrich-Null, DDSVeneers are thin porcelain shells cemented over teeth to address their shape, color, and size to generate a uniform appearance. Lumineers provide patients with a prep-less option that avoids the need of augmenting the tooth.

Composite Bonding uses tooth-colored material to patch cracks and repair chips that have altered the smile’s appearance. This procedure is an excellent option for patients looking to receive minor cosmetic improvements.

Porcelain Crowns are used to restore the structure and function of teeth that have been affected by decay and treated. This restoration uses tooth-colored material that resembles the color and sheen of natural dentition, blending well with the smile.

Bridges replace missing teeth using a prosthetic set anchored between two crowns. Bridges require altering adjacent healthy teeth to host the supporting crowns and stabilize the prosthesis.

White Fillings utilize tooth-colored material to replace the structure of a tooth that has been treated for a cavity or decay. While we offer amalgam upon request, white fillings work exceptionally well to blend with the smile while providing reliable strength and durability. 

Teeth-Whitening using professional-grade dental materials give patients the opportunity to brighten their smile by several shades. We offer both take-home and in-office options to give patients the flexibility to whiten their teeth at their own convenience. We also offer an option for patients with sensitive teeth.

Our gentle approach to dentistry ensures each patient receives the necessary care to address their concerns in a warm and friendly environment. We use cutting-edge technology and high-quality dental material that assure patients receive the latest in dental care. 

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The dental care we provide can address your cosmetic issues and bring out the best in your smile. Call or visit our practice in Victoria, TX and schedule your appointment with Dr. Heinrich-Null today!